In August of 2009, Kristen and I flew out to Colorado to visit two of our great friends, Sam and Heather. It was our first real trip west towards the Rockies, and we were expecting to be blown away by the landscape the instant we stepped off of the plane. When we landed in Denver, though, there wasn’t a mountain in sight. On the way to our friends’ apartment in Westminster we could just begin to see the outline of mountains in the distance, but the smog kept them out of view.

We were able to get a few hikes in around the Boulder area during the week we spent with our hosts. Heather was kind enough to lend us her car so Kristen and I could take a day trip across the state and into the Rocky Mountain National Park, where most of these shots were taken.

[audio:,,|titles=Rocky Mountain High,I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado,Poems Prayers and Promises|artists=John Denver|loop=yes]

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One response to “Colorado

  • Zach

    It seems like you’re able to take the smallest things in life, and through your heart and camera equally bring them to a light that makes them worth the world. David I love your pictures. I love you too^_^.

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