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Another Look at India


I spent a minute flipping through my pictures from India again, and I picked out a few that didn’t catch my eye the first time around. Enjoy these today, and I’ll add a few more tomorrow. To see the rest of my pictures from India, click here.

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Carsie Denning for The Record

In my first week back working with The Daily Record I had the opportunity to interview and photograph Carsie Denning. Mr. Denning is a World War II veteran who recently published a memoir documenting the special project he worked on during the war years.

I love working with WWII veterans! It’s a stereotype, I know, but all of the veterans from that era I have had the opportunity to meet during my time at The Record and The Sanford Herald have just been incredible, multi-faceted men who have worked hard to make the most of every opportunity they’ve had. Mr. Denning is no exception. In high school, he picked up an interest in electronics and photography, setting up a full dark room in his parents’ home. He worked as a shipyard electrician before enlisting in the Army and participating in this unique project. After the war, he worked in Military Intelligence at the Pentagon, then moved to Denver to be near his wife who was undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. When she was transferred to a hospital in Richmond, he returned to Washington for a short while before leaving the military to work with the North Carolina prison system. He later took a job as an electrical engineer for the Department of Public Instruction and ended up retiring as assistant controller. After that long career of public service, Mr. Denning started his own company and worked another two decades before retiring for good. In the past year, he has published two books, married Jenny (his first wife, Mary, died several years ago) and worked hard to recover full mobility and speech after suffering a stroke. I enjoyed getting to know just a little bit about his fascinating life during the hours we had together.




A Walk in the Woods

India, Live










Obscure India









Colorful India

[audio:https://davidajr.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/colorfulindia-227.jpgwp-content/uploads/2011/01/Aerosmith-Taste-of-India.mp3|artists=Aerosmith|titles=Taste of India]










Cloud City





Parting Views of Summer






Mule Days Outtakes

These are some pictures that didn’t make the final cut into my 2010 Mule Days photo gallery. Some of them didn’t end up fitting into the overall theme of the project, but I still liked them as individual shots. Others are similar to other pictures that made it into the gallery, but I didn’t feel like they really said anything new or added anything to the project.

Click any image to open up a fullscreen viewer. Click here to see the rest of the pics in the final edit.







Mule Days, Come and Gone

Finally, Benson is back to normal after a busy weekend of rodeos, street fairs and wagons backing up traffic. I’ve put together a photo gallery from the weekend that tries to show just a little bit of what Mule Days is about.

This is the third Mule Days festival I have experienced since Kristen and I moved to Benson. It was the first time I haven’t been working for a newspaper over the weekend, and so I decided it would be worthwhile to try and put together a photo essay of my own. My main goal in picture taking was simply to improve my photography skills. I had hoped to get pictures from throughout the week — before, during and after the main celebration Friday and Saturday — that show a comprehensive look at everything going on. As the weekend got closer, however, Kristen, Samuel and I got progressively sicker. By Friday night, our plans to go to the rodeo turned into plans to go to bed early, after loading up on ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine. It may have worked out better this way, however, as I never could formulate a solid plan for tying all of my pictures from the different events together. My current edit is more focused on trying to convey the atmosphere around the campgrounds and the street fair, which is really the hub of the event.

You can see the current collection of pictures here.