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Catching Up With My Baby


Maybin Azalee

Parting Views of Summer








Last weekend Kristen, Samuel and I piled into the car, slipped onto I-40 and headed west. Our friends Sam and Heather had moved to Asheville a few months earlier, and we were long overdue for a visit. We arrived Saturday afternoon and proceeded to the Pisgah National Forest for a late picnic lunch. Once our burgers were gone, we let Sam and Samuel splash around in the stream a bit before we moved a little further into the forest. When we got to Looking Glass Falls, a few rays from the late afternoon sun managed to pierce the summer foliage, casting a brilliant rainbow that seemed to dance in and out of the mist on the water’s surface. A fairly large crowd had gathered to take in the sight, and several people decided to wade out into the pool at the base of the waterfall. Not bad for Samuel’s first mountain-top experience.








Summer Vacation








Family Picture

Inevitably, after each family vacation we end up with hundreds of pictures of Kristen, and (now) thousands of Samuel, but only a handful of me — if any at all. I love making pictures. It’s exciting when other people like the pictures I make, but more than anything else, photography gives me an opportunity to try and interpret the world as I see it in a moment. The moment is gone in an instant, but the picture remains. I can look back and remember the way I felt when I made it; sometimes I don’t really begin to appreciate the moment until much later, when new insights and an ever-so-slightly more mature perspective allows me to look back at that moment with a richer set of feelings.

The pictures I make help me remember where I’ve come from; they help me make sense of the places I find myself in. But I also like to have some pictures of myself — to maintain a family record, to remind myself that, yes, I am actually married to that beautiful, loving woman that shares the frame with me, and so that my son will know that I did, in fact, go on vacation with him and Kristen. Usually this means stopping a stranger and asking them to press the shutter for me. This is a very hit-and-miss procedure, that often results in many more misses than hits. Sometimes, as on the last day of our summer vacation this year, a stranger just walks up and asks to take a picture of us. I can’t say no. Hopefully, that eagerness to get behind the camera means the would-be photographer is at least comfortable looking through the viewfinder. The kind beach walker who got this one certainly was.


Eight and a half years ago, I met my wife.

Seven and a half years ago, I found the courage (via AIM) to ask my future wife out on a date.

Two weeks later, she broke up with me. Apparently, it was because she didn’t want to spoil our friendship. Blah! Word of advice girls: that doesn’t make it any neater.

Seven years ago, after a wonderful summer together, I began dating my best friend.

Three years ago today, we were married in an outdoor chapel pieced together with hand-hewn stones overlooking Grandfather Mountain.

Two years ago, we left our mountain home in search of new adventures, and new jobs.

One year ago, we shared a brief glimpse at the beautiful tapestry of life God has been weaving around us.

Today, my best friend and I woke up to the sound of our baby crying in our room and our puppy trying to break through the wall and do her part to help (or at least enjoy) the situation.

Happy Annivesary!







The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy…

…and then got more than she had bargained for.

We’ve been cautiously letting Abigail have more and more freedom around Samuel. She seems to be able to distinguish him from food now. Our real worry has never been that she would consciously hurt him, but rather that she would trip over him, or forget she was standing beside him and just collapse into a nap. To be so elegant, she is the most clumsy dog I have ever seen.

Our pediatrician encouraged us to let them spend time together though; he thought it was good for puppy and boy to grow old together, although puppy has grown much faster than boy. Up until now, it has always been Abigail that has approached Samuel. She will lick his hands and feet a little, get bored and move on. Today, however, Samuel decided it was time for him to take control of their relationship. He climbed on board and hasn’t looked back since.

Photo by Kristen Anderson

Samuel & Dad

Kristen surprised me with this picture today when I was going through the latest set of downloads. I think it’s the best image of Samuel and me to date.

Photo by Kristen Anderson

Our First Family Movie

Samuel Goes for a Walk

in High Definition