The Calm After the Storm


South Core Sound.

For a variety of reasons I won’t begin to mention here, the past two months have been the most trying stretch of life that I have dealt with in several years. I’ve drawn little pleasure from writing. On the few occasions that I did feel like jotting my thoughts down I was simply too discouraged to find the right words.

But I have a good life. God has truly blessed me with far more than I could ever earn by my own hands, and I’m grateful that I have the presence of mind to use the hard situations as an opportunity to examine my life and refocus my path to keep me working towards the ultimate goal, which is to glorify Him in all that I do.

In truth, my hard times aren’t that hard at all.


Cape Lookout at sunset.


About David Anderson, Jr.

I'm a wandering pilgrim anchored in the Baptist tradition, tossed about by the anabaptist current. I am a minister at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and a recent graduate of Campbell Divinity School. I am the husband of a beautiful woman, and the father of a blond-haired boy. I am a work in progress, struggling to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. View all posts by David Anderson, Jr.

One response to “The Calm After the Storm

  • aunt cindy

    wooooooowwwwwwww……..what a wonderful gift……we are all so happy and excited for you both(all three). God is always good and His time is always on time…….everytime…..what a blessing to have this gift at this time……..Babys are part of God’s promise that life will go on and that there will be a tomorrow, no matter how gloomy today may appear. you will both be great parents, just as you have been (and will continue to be ) a great couple. i love you both more than you can possibly understand ~ until you hold that little one in your arms….then the real wonder of love comes full circle……..i can’t wait…..

    i love you………aunt cindy (uncle Mike is surely so happy, i know he is smiling…..’cause he too loved you both like his own).

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