Rhett & Sayla's Wedding

This post was originally created on February 17, 2010, as an image gallery. I have moved it into the blog for archive purposes.

My cousin Rhett married his long-time girlfriend Sayla in August of 2009, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in their wedding. As one of the groomsmen, I wasn’t able to get any shots during the actual wedding, but I did have a good time trying to capture the excitement of the rehearsal and the reception that followed. This was my first experience really taking pictures at a wedding, and I have to say that from a portrait photographer’s point of view, weddings have to be a dream come true. Everybody wants their pictures made, and everybody wants to do it right. Every face you see has a smile and every interaction is overflowing with emotions. Trying to catch it all in a single photograph is a challenge, in the same way harvesting a tree heavy with fruit is a frazzling task.


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I'm a wandering pilgrim anchored in the Baptist tradition, tossed about by the anabaptist current. I am a minister at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and a recent graduate of Campbell Divinity School. I am the husband of a beautiful woman, and the father of a blond-haired boy. I am a work in progress, struggling to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. View all posts by David Anderson, Jr.

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