Lightning on the Beach


About David Anderson, Jr.

I'm a wandering pilgrim anchored in the Baptist tradition, tossed about by the anabaptist current. I am a minister at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and a recent graduate of Campbell Divinity School. I am the husband of a beautiful woman, and the father of a blond-haired boy. I am a work in progress, struggling to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. View all posts by David Anderson, Jr.

4 responses to “Lightning on the Beach

  • c ammons

    like that “girl” in the photo……….’bet the photographer is not toooooo bad either!………………beautiful work buddy!
    i love you both……aunt cindy

  • theishu

    Awesome shot! Good job.

  • Timothy Redwine

    I found your picture very intriquing because you captured nature in one of its true rarest forms. As a person who has took an interest in and has self learned topics in nature, art and different cultures I found this picture envigorating and I am glad to know that you are apart of my extended family.
    I enjoy your photograpy because you were another example of how a picture speaks a thousand words and I would also like you to get a little more in depth with photos included of your winery experiences because that is another interest of mine.

  • Susan Diggs

    I am not going as far as Tim because I am not as knowledgeable about nature subjects but I loved the shot especially the beautiful little girl.

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